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The Mumafit App for IPhone and IPad, designed for pregnant and post natal women, is jam packed with resources to get you started on your path to improved wellness.


The app is designed by me (Mumafit) and my hubby, with three kids and three exercise degrees between us (including exercise physiology qualification).


Simple to use, with lots of variety, and safe programs for pregnant women and new mums. 


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It’s your constant pocket companion that provides you with the knowledge and confidence to exercise safely at home during and after pregnancy with minimal fuss, but great benefits. 

Get the low down on what to do, what to avoid and how to best stay active throughout your pregnancy journey and beyond. No gym membership or expensive equipment required – all exercises can be performed in the comfort of your own home.




Key Features:

•    Exercise program for each trimester & post natal
•    Photos & video descriptions of all exercises
•    Daily health tip for EVERY day of your pregnancy journey
•    GPS ‘Prameter’ to map & record all of your cardio workouts
•    Profile diary to record your changing measurements
•    Exercise diary to log all of your exercise activity
•    Specific pelvic floor & abdominal program
•    Tip sheets providing inspiration, stretch programs & nutrition advice




Perfect For:

•    Pregnant & post natal women
•    Regular exercisers who need to modify their program
•    Women starting an exercise program for the first time
•    Women seeking more than just an exercise program
•    Busy women who want all the info at their fingertips
•    Women who can’t get to the gym
•    Women wanting weight management & results

Basically – it’s perfect for YOU!!

Read what others have to say about the Mumafit App


Get fit, strong and feel more in control of your wellbeing during this exciting time