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Pregnancy Exercise Series - Core Exercise

Pregnancy Exercise Abdominals

But You Can't Work Your Core During Pregnancy!!!

I'm sure many of you have been told to avoid core work during pregnancy. Well, this is good advice as it is usually given with the purpose of having you avoid contraindicated (which basically means no good for preggo mamas) exercises like sit ups, crunches and planks. However, there are many many more ways you can 'work your core' aside from doing endless sit ups, crunches or planks.


Pregnancy Exercise Series - Lower Body

Working Your Lower Body During Pregnancy

Pregnancy has been known to steal your glutes!

Yes, this is true! Many women notice a loss of muscle tone during pregnancy, particularly in relation to your backside. 

Maintaining lower body strength is really important for keeping you


Pregnancy Exercise Series - Upper Body

Pregnancy Exercise series - Upper Body

These Arms Were Made For Carrying

Once you become a mama, you are going to need lots of upper body strength! With lifting your baby, lifting baby capsules, and lifting prams in and out of car boots, you will continually be using your arms to carry weighted loads.

Then as your baby grows into a toddler and you begin to carry them on your hips


Ten Tips for Momfidence!

Being a new mum can be so daunting. You can feel tired, overwhelmed, ‘untrained’, out of your comfort zone, and ill equipped to handle these beautifully unpredictable little people. Add to this your new soft curvier than normal post-natal body and all of society’s expectations and comparisons and it can wreak havoc with your confidence.

Here’s some tips to help navigate these early days a mum.

  1. Trust Your Gut

No one knows yourself or your baby like you do. When you tune out the outside world and their ongoing commentary and advice, it’s easier to connect with what your insides are telling you and run with your gut feel. If you think about something and you ‘constrict’, this means things are not well, if you think about something and you ‘expand’ and feel free, this is a sign that things are good. Trust that you know best.